HLS Group Korea Office

Company profile:

HLS Group Korea office was found on Aug. 1th of 2012, currently we have 8 experienced staffs in the office that delivering sophisticated and professional services to our customers.

Service Scope:

● HLS Korea was found in year 2012, we are MOT licensed NVOCC, we focus on international freight forwarding including Sea freight (FCL & LCL), Air freight for both Import and Export.

● We are reputable in Korea market, based on our connections with various carriers, we offer competitive rates and protective spaces to customers.

● Our comprehensive logistics services and global service network are capable to satisfy our customers’ needs in supply chain.

● Transpacific trade traffic is one of our strength; we keep our ranking in market’s top 10 in terms of volume handling in this trade lane for years.

● We also well-developed Latin America, Europe, Australia, Middle-East, Southeast Asia markets, the wide range of our service network is helping our customers to grow their business worldwide.

Inquiry :


Company Address:5th Floor, Dong Hwa Building,106, Seosomun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

TEL:+82 02 37895394

FAX:+82 02 37895393


JR Park
HLS Korea Office Branch Manager