HLS Group Qingdao Office

Company profile:

HLS Group Qingdao office was found on May 28th of 2004, currently we have 52 experienced staffs in the office that delivering sophisticated and professional services to our customers in northern Shandong area.

Service Scope:

● HLS Qingdao is reputable in Qingdao and Lian Yun Gang market, we have competitive rates and protective spaces with various carriers. We provide worldwide to point and to door services, including end to end custom clearance, warehousing and distribution, multi modal transportations, our diversified services are streamlining our customers’supply chain.

● Transpacific trade traffic is one of our strength; we keep our market ranking in top 10 in terms of volume handling in this trade lane for years.  In the meantime, we also well-developed Latin America, Europe, Australia and Middle-East markets, the wide range of our coverage in logistics is helping our customers to grow their business worldwide.

● We are good at shipping heavy load cargo, metal coils, D.G. Cargo, GOH, reefer containers & NOR, flexi-tanks, and Out of Gauge equipment.

Inquiry :


Company:Room 1101&1102, 11/F, Building B, China Resources Building, 6 Shandong Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, China

TEL:+86 532 68629800

FAX:+86 532 68629566


HLS Qingdao Office Branch Manager